May 21, 2012

2012 Nurses of Achievement Winners & Nominees

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While many people faint at the sight of blood, can’t even look at a needle, panic under pressure, squirm in hospitals and cringe at x-rays – you make it all seem easy.

Thank you to all of our nurses for your dedication. We are lucky to have each and every one of you.

Congratulations to Carson Tahoe’s Nurses of Achievement winners and nominees.







2012 Nurses of Achievement Winner – Advanced Practice

Carla Farnsworth

2012 Carson Tahoe Nurse of the Year

Maria Freed

2012 CTRH Nurse of Achievement Honorees

Julie Anderson

Melissa Baker

Beth Boschee-Huseby

Blair Caley

Nelda Clements

Amy Cole

Marlo Conroy

Toni Crowell

Sue Etchegoyhen

Carla Farnsworth

Leslie Ferguson

Brenda Foley

James Freed

Maria Freed

Melanie Fry

Veronica Klein

Shelly Koontz

Cindy Kuperus

Valerie Linke

Christine Luce

Mary Mang

Annie Millard

Patricia Mosby

Jeanann Nagy

Laura Nevin

Marie Nino

Rachelle Pakes

Annette Patellos

Diane Pemberton

Pam Quinn

Susan Roaldson

Alise Robertson

Mary Scott

Leslie Smith

Patty St. George

Arlene Thurston

Jennifer Trotter

Mary Wilhoite

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